Get your Summertime High and Escape the Void

Greetings and Salutations.   Hopefully today finds you well and you’re having an amazing day.


I just wanted to drop this Dirty Blog and let you know that

Summertime High is now available on ALL platforms

And or directly from us


ULTRA-MEGA’s new single Escape the Void is also available and or directly from us


But that’s not all, coming to all platforms 5/15/24 I will be releasing “Gotta Make It” which really didn’t fit either the Dirty Country Band or ULTRA-MEGA project so it will just be released as Mark D Stone.

Preorder directly from us on sale until it’s release date at 22% off

Or Presave on Spotify


That’s a lot I know but choices are important.

Thank you for supporting independent music we definitely appreciate you.


Until next time.


Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There

Mark D Stone

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