Midwest CMA Awards Show is less than 2 weeks away 

Hope you are enjoying this lovely day here in MN it seemed the sun hadn't been seen in weeks and it came out and brought some hope everywhere today I hope. 

Next Weekend if you are in the area or need a good excuse to sip a few and engage in conversation we are having another Midwest CMA House Party @the221comonhouse in Delano 

And then the very next weekend is the Midwest CMA Meeting Saturday https://www.facebook.com/events/778981345907065/ 

And of course make sure you Get Your Tickets for The Midwest…

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2020 Is ON 

Holy Shit, Midwest CMA Members will be voting for their choices for the Maverick Award for the up Coming Midwest CMA Awards show Feb.16th at the Medina Entertainment Center.  Do you have your tickets https://bit.ly/35PVCdD  cuz VIP's are most likely sold out as the 1st one sold out last year completely.  It was the best night of entertainment on a Sunday Last Year and I imagine it's gonna be that again this year.

I'm introducing folks to my very talented friends in the Midwest CMA every 2nd Sunday through…

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All the Best in 2020 

You know who you are but communication is important and this means a lot to me I want you to understand that I am eternally grateful to everyone of you listed in the liner notes of the 17 singles and 2 EP's You supported this year.  Thank You.  I really see this whole year as a growth year in our relationships which all started from a simple desire to make #moremusicin2019 

The years not over.  It's an ice skating rink, literally, as soon as you step outside here in MN and I'll be driving to the gig here…

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Merry Christmas Sign Up Now For Your Present 

So here we are brand new website rolling out with lots of new stuff all ready for Christmas.  We left you a present right here on the site too. If you get our emailer the Dirty you got a PASSWORD to enter for your present and if not maybe you wanna sign up and get your present  Get The Dirty

Todd's last gigs will be Jan 3-4 we will miss him.  I'll still be performing with him acoustically in 2 Dudes With Acoustic Guitars and he most likely will be back to sub for us but we wish him all the best in his new…

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Start A Revolution On YouTube Now 

So that's cool if like you need a soundtrack for your zombie pub crawl. 

Todd and I will be on mybobcountry.com 7:45am-8:20am if you're up.

Everyday With You Is Like Christmas demo along with  Your Hero demo 

Are on patreon.com/mst0ne for just $1 or directly through our email list 

sign up via the black box, pop up or contact page we're flexible like that.

Start A Revolution 

Just take a look on here and you'll find the Spotify PreSave for Start A Revolution.  Hands down the heaviest song I've written all year.  Written with a Zombie tv show in mind we think it couples well with the zombie apocalypse.


For my musician friends in the area I'll see you at the Midwest CMA Songwriters Conference next weekend.



Available through all of the major distributers or directly from me if you're on our Email List http://bit.ly/FreeExclusiveDownload

Ordinary Hero is available just about everywhere but Spotify Now and will be there I imagine shortly.  Funny story it was scheduled to come out November 1st but when I submitted it I apparently put September 1st for the release date so Poof 2 new singles this Month.

And as previously mentioned Ain't My First Rodeo


Ain't My First Rodeo and It Most Definitely Will Not Be My Last 

As the title suggests Ain't My First Rodeo should be available just about everywhere and if you haven't heard directly from us via email.  Yep,  another good reason to sign up to get our emailer the Dirty.   We've also been sending email subscribers video previews before public release.  So What's next you might ask?? 

Coming to Public Platforms: November 1st Ordinary Hero (available via email soon)-I wrote this song after an accident that happened this summer the result is the story of 3 emergency…

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