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I just wanted to drop this Dirty Blog and let you know that

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But that’s not all, coming to all platforms 5/15/24 I will be releasing “Gotta Make It” which really didn’t fit either the Dirty Country Band or ULTRA-MEGA project so it will just be released as Mark D Stone.

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That’s a lot I know but choices are important.

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Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There

Mark D Stone

Under Your Spell by ULTRA-MEGA Is Coming To All Platforms 10/19/23 

ULTRA-MEGA release Under Your Spell on all platforms 10/19/23
Under Your Spell Is a sonic tapestry of the laws of attraction with a tribal accent
PreOrder Directly from us it's the best way to support our musical habits
In order for my Sequential people Under The Hood of Under Your Spell pt.1 by ULTRA-MEGA for LaGrunge Music
Under the Hood of Under Your Spell pt.2
Under Your Spell Video
Under Your Spell Live Vocal
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Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There
Mark Stone

Mark Stone of LaGrunge Music interviewed by Drooble Radio 

Drooble Radio: What is music to you? What does it give you? 

LaGrunge Music: Music is like breathing. There's nothing more essential to surviving the bad times or celebrating the good ones 

Drooble Radio: What is your music dream? 

LaGrunge Music: To write a song that lasts beyond me 

Drooble Radio: If you could change the world - what would you start with? 

LaGrunge Music: I'd rid the world of hate and ignorance and celebrate love and understanding 

Drooble Radio: Which is the most memorable song from your childhood? 

LaGrunge Music: Thin Lizzy The Cowboy Song 

Drooble Radio: Who are your favorite musical artists or bands? 

LaGrunge Music: ZZ Top, Charlie Daniels, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden

Drooble Radio: What inspires you to make music? 

LaGrunge Music: Life and its experiences, music, just the ambition to connect to new people and create...actually I can't think of 1 good reason not to. 

Drooble Radio: What is the message you want to send with your music? 

LaGrunge Music: It depends on the song but generally I want folks to celebrate life. Music can help us get through the bad times and helps us celebrate the good ones 

Drooble Radio: How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience? 

LaGrunge Music: It's my favorite place to be. There's just energy there. There is nothing else like it in my humble opinion. There's a very deep connection that happens when people get you and they know the words to your songs because they connect with you like you were speaking for them 

Drooble Radio: How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved? 

LaGrunge Music: I think it's what you make it but in my eyes the days of being a pompous jerk celebrity rockstar are over. I think there was a time folks ate that up. I'm not sure that works anymore and at the very least it never worked for me. Success to me is being able to do the music I want to do without compromise and connect with people who can identify with the band and I. I'd like to circle further and further out and eventually spend more time on the road unless we are recording and then COVID happened and I'm just thankful I have a home studio and still make music with friends. 

Drooble Radio: What do you think of Drooble? 

LaGrunge Music: Update: I genuinely like it here and have enjoyed connecting with a few folks to work on collaborations and that ain't bad. So far it seems like a community willing to help creatives connect. I'm the #1 contributor this week so I keep coming back and I don't think I'd be here if I didn't have something to offer and visa versa which is super healthy. I do enjoy the Drooblillions 

Drooble Radio: What frustrates you most as a musician? 

LaGrunge Music: Sometimes there are obstacles that seem impossible to pass and those situations are definitely frustrating. I think you have to choose your battles. Also breaking down a very large goal into small reachable goals is called a plan not a dream but its good to have both aligned accordingly 

Drooble Radio: Do you support your local scene as a fan? How? 

LaGrunge Music: I go out and see other bands when I'm not playing. My top 5 albums are all tied to the local scene 

Drooble Radio: What qualities should a musician nowadays have in order to get their music heard by a larger audience? 

LaGrunge Music: Patience and good music, I think it's more about developing a relationship with people who identify with you and your songs. I think the old model expects if you play it folks will come. I think now it's more about giving people an experience a memory something that lasts. Give them a reason to come they've already been to the building. Grit-I think there's a tenacity component in play that is 100% necessary if you want to make music your life's work. Be open to opportunities and be willing to try new things. You may find your dream evolves over time or you may make an action plan to break down your large dreams and see them realized in a plan of action 

Drooble Radio: Share some awesome artists that we’ve never heard of. 

LaGrunge Music: New Black 7, The GooDBarS, The Dagnabits, The Honey Dogs, Daisy Dillman, 
The Hell Country Truckers and Papa Bear Norton

I'll Be Rockin' the Riverside Tomorrow w/Jeremy Schreifels, Gel And Friends 

See event Link for more info and google map 

It's a pretty amazing venue and I'm really looking forward to playing you guys a bunch of songs that Jeremy and I wrote together as well as some outdoor favorites. 

We will not have physical copies of ULTRA-MEGA's BLACK Album unfortunately Disk Makers is a bit busy(Apologies)

You can however, from the comfort of your smartphone order the download album/2185412/ultra-mega-black-album

or Tip us if you are enjoying your listening experience or for no other reason than you're feeling particularly generous and want to support our musical habits. For those who do, you have our sincere heartfelt THANKS. We definitely appreciate your appreciation and support.

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Speaking of.......Keep your eye out for Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's next single.

Until Next Time Be Good To Each Other And Be Safe Out There

Mark Stone

Tis the Season to be Jolly. We hope it's full of family, friends and music. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  It's definitely a time of celebration and family.  We want to celebrate with our LaGrunge Music family so there are 2 ways to get Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's latest release "Away In A Manger" drop us your email and we'll send you a free download or if you'd like, pay what you want on the 

Last gigs in 2021 already making #moremusicin2022 1st up January 20th ULTRA-MEGA's new single Stranded In Alien Nation will be out on all platforms or you can preorder pay what you want directly right now

 I'm also in the final mix phase with Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's February release Hell and Back Out on all Platforms 2/17/2022 and soon it'll be uploaded on

So That's what we got cooking for the end of the year into the new one hope to see you soon

Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There

Mark Stone

Rocktober Is Upon Us. 

Brandy(You're A Fine Girl) by Looking Glass covered by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

Crank It Up by ULTRA-MEGA is available for Pre-Order now

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's Christmas

Song Away In A Manger is also Available for Pre-Order

Halloween comes before Christmas and adults should get Halloween before the kids so I'm supporting your right to party with us and wear your best 80's horror themed outfit.

And I'll be At Route 47 Pub and Grub Friday Nov.5th and Saturday Nov.6th at the Maxx Bar and Grill

I'm at Honkys tonight in Grove City 7-11pm

Cheers!!! Hope you all had an awesome weekend

Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There

Mark Stone


Rocktober This Way Comes 

Groove City is out everywhere and of course you can download directly from us if you're digging it and you'd like to support our musical habits.


Speaking of support if you are one of our YouTube Subscribers I just put up Sundays Video if you're interested in watching it early.  If you're interested in seeing and hearing our new music and or what we are working on next sign up to get our emailer If you're already an email subscriber the last email I sent you will have the new video in the playlist link I suggested you bookmark.  Probably look at the bottom because it runs to the top when it goes public.  It will probably go public Saturday.  I just realized I wrote all that and never said what IT was.What Hurts The Most was written by Jeffery Steele and Steve Robson and you may have heard Rascal Flatts do it but it really caught my ear when I heard Aaron Lewis(former Staind frontman) cover it.  This year as well as doing suggested songs for sync I wanted to make sure I covered songs that I love that I haven't been able to do.  This is definitely one of those and it's been added to the live show so I wanted to do it like that just the acoustic and my voice.  Coming Oct. 3rd is an acoustic cover of Blue Bayou which you may have heard me sing at a live show.  I LOVE Linda Ronstadt and Roy Orbison so it had to happen.Oct.10th ULTRA-MEGA covers No Doubts Sunday Morning And on Oct.17th it's a double header Sunday with I'm All In Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's new single coming out on our LaGrunge Music YouTube channel and at 5pm cst I'll be on BOB FM's Homegrown Show with Brandon Backstrom  debuting the new single on country radio listen live at 5pm cst here 

Spotify users can Presave I'm All In here ------>

Maybe even a couple of songs acoustic live in studio too and a T-Shirt Give away because it's been awhile since we've done one of those and it's my birthday month I can do what I want. Oh hey,  speaking of I jumped the gun a little if you wanna party with me for my birthday I'll be at Aurelio's Pizza in Ramsey Oct.8th 7-10pm and or my hometown bar Honky's 8pm-12am Oct.9th and or New London American Legion 6-10pm Oct.16th and or ALL OF THE ABOVE.  Why Not?? I'll be at Ruff's Wings in Wilmar Oct.22nd, Back at Honky's Bar Oct.23rd and I'll be filling in for the Rock Godz for the Halloween Party at the Dalles House Oct.30th for any information on those shows and or what comes after that it will be on the homepage of the website or <------Click that huge sentence 

That's brings us to November and Thanksgiving I should be able to muster another blog by them but before I sign off I just wanna say.  I'm very thankful for everyone of you who subscribe, follow, reply, leave comments and buy directly from us to show your support. It means the world to me and I'm very lucky to be able to do this musical thing.  Hopefully I'll see you soon.

Until Then Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There

Mark Stone 


Hey Party People I'll be playing Friday and Saturday this week  

Just shy of 2 weeks away The Dirty Country Band and I are doing a cover of the Looking Glass Classic "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" for Sync Cafe Wednesday Aug 18th at 12pm CST sign up here if you'd like to join us

But tomorrow I'll be at Aurelio's Pizza in Ramsey from 7-11pm


and Saturday I'll be at Flickabirds Resort in Rush City from 7-11pm

Sunday I'll hopefully be back at it putting the finishing touches on Brandy and creating some more music see the post below for more on that and email me if you have some music we should collaborate on.

I better get back at it

Mark Stone

PANDEMETRON is Here!!!!!! 

Click Picture above to download Direct or video below for preview

Pandemetron is the villain of the ULTRA-MEGA story.  Created through a fatally failed experiment by leading scientists working for the United Federation of Hate.  Pandemetron is a symbiotic nano virus borg that exists to grow and spread feeding on entire planets and assimilating everything it consumes to itself as the supreme life form. Pandemetron sees itself as the liberator of the plague of the human race.  Every Villain needs a theme song.

We'd like to thank Russ Lund our very talented visual artist friend for helping us bring ULTRA-MEGA and PANDEMETRON characters to life.  ULTRA-MEGA's next release will take you to Groove City

We hope you'll join us on the many adventures in the sonic and visual landscapes that is ULTRA-MEGA coming September 16th.  Head Backstage if you'd like to hear Groove City before it's publicly released and or if you'd like to see and or hear any of these upcoming titles

Coming July 18thComing July 25thComing Aug 1stcoming Aug 8th Simple ManComing Aug 15th Last Summer by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band and on all platforms Aug 19thComing Aug 22ndComing Aug 29thComing Sept 5thand lastly but certainly not leastly the above mentioned Groove City will be on YouTube Sept 12th and on all platforms September 16th.

So that's what's on the immediate horizon musically for us but there's even more music in the works right now as I finish the guitars and vocals for the Beatles Cover Oh Darling we are planning a Ska Fest with an ULTRA-MEGA cover of No Doubt's Sunday Morning and to sail the 7 seas with the Yacht Rock Classic by Looking Glassand if that wasn't enough we thought we'd bring the aliens right to your door with Billy Thorpe's ClassicSo that's what's coming up for us.  If it seems like an overwhelming amount of music you're not alone and thankfully neither am I.  I couldn't make all this music without the help of the LaGrunge Music Families support and or the help of the musical collaborators who have helped me make #moremusicin2021 

That's all for now.  Until next time be good to each other and be safe out there.

Mark Stone

p.s. If you'd like to get our emailer and a sweet free download leave us your email address





NEW RELEASE DAY: Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band No Good For Nobody is on ALL platforms 



If you like the straight ahead roots rock n roll you might like this one give it a spin and let us know.

So What's next??  We thought this B.T.O cover would be appropriate for Father's DayIf you subscriber to our youtube channel you should be able to view it right now.  Jeremy Schreifels rips up the drums on this and former band mate from Split Second days Jimmy Woynilko shreds up some guitar solos.  Check out the description of the video to find out wheere you can see him now.  We know the waiting is the hardest part so we try to make it easier on folks who subscribe.  Here's a link in case you'd like to.

Speaking of Subscribers if you are a subscriber to our website and the LaGrunge Family Feed the next couple months are up or darn near if you wanna take a peek but here's a brief over view.

6/27/21 on YouTube

7/4/21 on YouTube

ULTRA-MEGA releases Pandemetron to YouTube 7/11/21 (Backstage hints)

7/18/21 The FunStones cover These Dreams Made popular by Heart

7/25/21 I'll be doing a cover of I Feel The Earth Move by Carol King with my buddy formerly of Juggernaut Erik Fratzke seismically makes his guitar statement in the solo sections.Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's August release is appropriately titled Last Summer coming to YouTube 8/15/21

and last but certainly not least scheduled to come to YouTube 9/12/21is ULTRA-MEGA's future release Groove City 

So that's music as far out as September and it feels pretty good to be able to tell you about it leaving only 3 more months to talk about music in 2021 until we get to 2022.  

Live shows are happening too again which we happily welcome after being shut down most of last year the current events and or home page will have all of these as they occur so check back and come hang out with us when we are at a water hole near you

Tah Tah For Now Until We Meet Again Be Good To Each Other And Be Safe Out There

Mark Stone