Summers Here Let's Rock and Listen to the Homegrown Show on

2pm CST Sunday Everything She Wants by Wham! as covered by ULTRA-MEGA will be on

and if you haven't been sensing a theme we showing are showing a new video Every Sunday 2pm CST for as long as we are able.


I have been playing music in bars since before I was of even of legal age to do so but this COVID-19 VIRUS has made that virtually impossible so I've been jamming with friends via the home studio.  Rewind to February we released It's True you may have noticed an unfamiliar name.  Jeremy Schreifels.

and here he is. This picture was taken while I was in the audience and he was playing drums with Sailor Jerri who just started her Kickstarter Campaign so they are going to be coming out with some new music to watch out for. 

Sorry back to our story Jeremy and I since starting to work together in Feb have created an EP of Cover Tunes and also reformed ULTRA-MEGA. We are currently working on a Full Album for ULTRA-MEGA.  So needless to say Jeremy is a monster drummer and avid creator who never really asks for the spotlight /maybe prefer to stay out of it but he's all rockstar and a helluva great guy who deserves a proper introduction to The Dirty Country Family. So for those of you keeping track at home that means that other than Your Hero which feature Todd Jameson and Nick Poshek and a couple of songs I produced myself Jeremy and I are responsible for 11 songs on this list 

and the albums worth of tunes for ULTRA-MEGA that as of yet are unreleased.  Would you be interested in supporting the New ULTRA-MEGA album?? Let us know in the comments below and or sign up to get the Dirty and we'll keep you informed as best as we can.  
So This Sunday Watch Youtube at 2pm

Next Sunday July 19th Tune Into My Bob Country  5pm CST

Where Jeremy( see above) and I (right) will Join Brian Powers (Left) on the illustriously Fabulous Homegrown Show. It's always fun to talk about music with Brian I'm sure we'll talk about the passing of one of our favorite Legends Charlie Daniels and we'll be debuting Fixer Upper for local radio and maybe even a sneak peak at next months covid inspired Still Alone as well as a bunch of cool music from friends and members of the Midwest CMA.  Sunday July 19th, 5-6pm CST

Lastly we will be releasing Still Alone on YouTube one week before its available on all other platforms but if you'd like

the download it will be available directly from us 

It's alway good to have choices and friends.  Thank you for checking in with me.  I'm hoping to at least do a couple of live events before the snow falls.  Any and all live appearances will be noted on the shows page.  Any questions thoughts or comments you are welcome to leave them below or email


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