#MoreMusicin2020 Continues with More Musical Possibilities

Creep Just released Sunday on YouTube if you missed that have a look and a listen RhondaFunStone did this video and all of them except Fixer Upper which Dirty Spice Filmed and shot and Rhonda Edited.  It's good to have super talented friends and partners.

Tomorrow 12pm CST Sync Cafe we will be listening to ALL of the revisions for previous cover songs and if you'd like a 3 week early preview of Rock With You by Michael Jackson as covered by ULTRA-MEGA you'll want to meet me for lunch 12pm CST tomorrow at the Sync Cafe syncsummit.com/synccafesignup

Otherwise the video with the song will debut on YouTube August 9th.

Sunday July 26th Will be the YouTube Debut of Still Alone by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band available for download now

As heard on BOB FM here's the replay of Jeremy and I on BOB FM 

Start A Revolution is live now on Drooble radio

We've embedded the radio player here and on the front page.  Every spin counts so come back as often as you like.

If you'd like a download you could grab it now by subscribing to our https://lagrungemusic.com/lagrunge-music-family-feed

Or hit up our brand new https://lagrungemusic.com/ultra-mega-music

We definitely appreciate all of your support and we are determined and committed to bringing you new better quality music made fresh daily.

That's it for this Dirty Blog but I should mention if you haven't already go to the ULTRA-MEGA pg then scroll down and leave your email for a FREE download


Until Next Time Be Safe Out There and Be Good to Each Other

Mark Stone



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