ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 EP Bundle

The ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 Bundle PreOrder: This will be an opportunity to support what ULTRA-MEGA has created so far.  We used subscribers top 3 picks because not only do we want what you want, we knew we couldn't do it all so we wanted to make sure we did supporters justice.  These items will only be available via preorder and will not be made again.

Russ Lund out did himself again, collaborating with us to set the scene for ULTRA-MEGA's Survive 2020 EP featuring: Start A Revolution, Future Forward, Just Can't Lose, Self Destruct and more. 

Survival is not easy these days but as far as minimizing hassles go there are 3 options which will include Survive 2020 Cover Art by Russ Lund. 

1) ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 Bundle all of the goodies that are exclusive to this offer will slowly be rolled out visually on instagram/twitter @mst0ne as they become available after 9/17/20 but the bundle includes but is not limited to: T-Shirt, EP/CD, Immediate Download, Picks. Stickers and more- $49

Ultra-Mega Survive 2020 Limited Edition Signature Poster featuring Survive 2020 Artwork by Russ Lund signed by: Mark Stone & Jeremy Schreifels $202.0

3) ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 EP CD $15

All preorders include an immediate download of ULTRA-MEGA Survive 2020 EP.

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