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  1. Ordinary Hero

From the recording Ordinary Hero

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Ordinary Hero

Alarm sounds the warning without hesitation you're risking your life
Masses run screaming away from the danger you run into the fire
Can't thank you enough can never repay the selfless things you do
You're saving the world one day at a time hey that's the truth

Ordinary hero working for the red white and blue
Emergency responders Just doing what they do
To the ordinary hero it's just another day ordinary hero not so ordinary
Sirens flashing the subjects not breathing so you're there to do your best
breathe life back in to em start their heart beating pushing down on their chest
Rush to The ER The med team takes over when the subject finally wakes
you were long gone saving another they didn't know who to Thank


Killer on the loose shots fired at the scene and that's when you get the call
Even that vest can't stop every bullet but you still risk it all
Taken for granted champion of justice no one knows your name
To the ordinary hero there is no other way