Vinnie Paul Reunited with Dime

I woke up today to hear of yet another one of my rock n roll heroes has left this life too soon.  Vinnie Paul is dead at the age of 54.  Vinnie joins his brother Dime in the after life.   Our heart goes out to all his surviving family and friends.  The brothers were legendary hosts for countless memories and good times.  I have a guitar named after Dime named Diamonds with a Jagermeister label laminated on the back of it from one of the bottles I shared with the brothers back in what some would say was there musical peak.  I say go out and makes some memories with some friends.  Live the life that will live on in all of the souls you touched while you walked in it.  Rest in Peace Vinnie Paul you won't be forgotten. 

Thank you for all the amazing music. 

Pantera, Rebel Meets Rebel, Damage Plan, Hell Yeah

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