Our Site is Moving But Just Who We Host With

I have a lot of music I'd like to release this year and the next so I'm hoping we've found our place with Hostbaby.  Some of you may actually get our Free EP download twice as we transition from Aweber to Listbaby. We apologize for any inconvenience but why not forward it to a friend.

We did not nor will we ever share your information with anyone.  This change in email providers is all a part of the move. 

Over the past 5 years we've noticed that a lot of you search for markstoneandthedirtycountryband which we love so we registered the url and we will also continue to maintain markstonemn to welcome new folks who aint afraid to get a little dirty. 

You may also notice that our store is now partnered with CDBaby and Trifecta is now available everywhere digital music is sold. It may even appear listed double just more of us to go around I guess.

We would also love if you'd connect with us via email if you haven't already anywhere you see a place to enter your email on the site will do.  We will be rolling out some pretty cool exclusives as we continue working on the song that will make up our next release "For Stories" 

Sign up share with a friend have a Happy Halloween and until next time keep it dirty 

Mark Stone


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