#moremusic2019 is off to a fantastic start

Just had to get the word out about Friday's new release "There's No Place Like Home"

You can presave it on Spotify right Now 

Or everything we do will go through our DirtyCountryFamilyFeed First on Patreon http://patreon.com/mst0ne

Just in Case you missed it we've also released http://bit.ly/singinsmilinthinkinboutu 2/14/19

and 1/1/19 we kicked off the new year with new music http://bit.ly/TomorrowTheSunIsG0nnaShine 

We aren't stopping there. 

Revisited will be available almost everywhere but the physical copies will only be sold through Patreon as well as the Song of the Month "Ready Set Go" coming May 1st Song of the Month Release "Better in the Rearview Mirror"

So now would be a great time to join the family http://patreon.com/mst0ne just a dollar a month and you have access to all of the new music we create almost as soon as it happens.  For all tiers $3 and above you'll get a CD Copy signed, numbered and either hand delivered at a show or we'll mail it to you if you'd prefer.  There are currently over 30 downloads available for just $1 so there's really no good reason why not to.

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