It's Finally Summer In MN

Looking back my last post was months ago and I apologize.  When you're doing what you love and your busy you can get so wrapped up in it that, other things get neglected.  Well how can I expect you to be interested in something you haven't even heard about from someone who rarely communicates with you?? Exactly.  DOH!!!

It's finally summer in MN I've earned my Redneck status via yesterday afternoons patio show. Our scheduled show on the patio today will be fought with rain and we'll be inside at a venue with one of the funnest patios we play.  Gotta take the good with the bad.  The sun doesn't always shine as I'm sure you're all aware.

Let's talk about #moremusicin2019 so I've been gathering a community of supporters/friends/family on

Thanks to their support and inspiration since January we have released 15 songs on the platform which is even more than the 1-2 songs a month I promised in the last 5 months.  

Coming June 1st will be a new EP called Pentatonic Memories 5 songs Tomorrow the Sun Is Gonna Shine, There's No Place Like Home, Ready Set Go, Singin Smilin Thinkin Bout U and Better in the Rearview Mirror.  Pentatonic Memories will be the EP release of the month and Coming Home (A Truckers Love Story) will be the single release for June but before that you can catch the lyric video.

May 28th after noon you can catch the Lyric Video for Coming Home (A Truckers Love Story) right on yep, a peek behind the curtain.  

I talked to a friend at a show we just did last weekend and he said man I just can't afford $1 a month.  I get it we all fall on hard times and I'm not trying to make anyone feel pressure to support this project at all ever.  We have a lot of casual acquaintances who support us in other ways:  They like our stuff.  They share our stuff and bring their friends to shows.  We Love that and we appreciate it so much so if it seems we haven't acknowledged you we apologize we definitely try to every chance we get.  

We keep telling folks about our Patreon page because it is the best musical value we can offer for only $1 and if you haven't fallen on hard times it is the most value we can ever offer with almost 2 albums of material for download available for less than a latte'.  It's also 5-10X cheaper than 1 night of cover at your local bar but the Patreon bouncers will let you hang out for a month which is quite a bit more than 4 hours.

There are currently 4 songs that I can't post anywhere else and are exclusive to the platform.  Along with increasing my productivity to write I've also been writing songs for other people.  These songs can't be shared in public and due to contractual obligations may not be released to the public for up to 3 years but I can share them with my private community of supporters. Everyone who supports us is immortalized in our liner notes for the the releases they support. CDs ordered are signed and numbered because we can't think of a better way to thank you for supporting us.  If you have a few better ideas we'd love to hear em.  Through social media or the contact page of the website.

June 9th and 30th at 5-6pm CST tune into for the Homegrown show I'll be a guest with host Brian Powers click the pic to stream the station live for the show or whenever it's my favorite radio station.  All the good ole classic stuff, the new stuff and all of my very talented regional #midwestcma friends are supported here too. Give it a shot.


I'll be doing a few acoustic songs that have never even been played acoustic along with the radio debut of Coming Home a Truckers Love Story and more as well as some of the finest Country and Midwestern Rock n Roll that you probably haven't heard and if you have probably would like to hear some more.  (Click the pic above to stream live) I believe you can also download the show.  Pretty cool.

I'm gonna try to get back to putting out this Dirty Blog at least once a month but just in case I F' it up again coming to patreon as the June single Download is "Sucker In A Sad Country Song" if you've never felt like that before  you'll probably think it's funny and if you have a few spins and a couple shots will hopefully will do the trick

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