HAPPY NEW MFR's #moremusicin2021 is Coming Your Way

Coming to YouTube 1/17/21 Vengeance Is Mine by ULTRA-MEGA we'll post a link right on the LaGrunge Music Current Events/Home Page when it becomes available to the public or if you like a bit more access sooner we suggest subscribing to our YouTube Channel it's FREE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpuoljnWDH_uwnT_x9MG0tA?sub_confirmation=1  

If You Spotify or iTunes https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/vengeance-is-mine

Or our favorite option is the direct approach 

Looking back on 2020 is what everyone is doing right now.  I'm looking ahead honestly.  This year due to covid the Sync Summit will be virtual which means I get to go and I'm pretty excited about making some new connections and collaborations that will make #moremusicin2021 .  There's a listening party for The Girl From Ipanema Wednesday January 17th 12pm CST syncsummit.com/synccafesignup that's only 2 weeks away that's not done.  I also did a couple of quick guitar tracks to start a cover conversation I mentioned earlier and sent out frame work for Not Drinkin Alone a new Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band song that will complete the Black and White album coming in February.  I also sent frame work for a new ULTRA-MEGA song Battling Resistance coming in February. 

Sync Keepers will be virtual  too so it will be cool to reconnect and mix it up with 6FS Alumni and see what happens there.  I'm excited to make more music in sonic conversations we can all have together.  Soo many possibilities.  https://www.catchthemoonmusic.com/synckeepers

Lastly before I get back to mixing You Can Do Magic with Rhonda FunStone on vocals coming to YouTube next Sunday Jan 10th 

I want to recommend http://songtown.com In my opinion if you want to improve your songwriting skills just being able to submit a track per month and getting a pros feedback and insight is invaluable besides all the community and opportunity to collaborate with the organization that wrote the book on Co-writing.

From the FunStones, LaGrunge Music, Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band and ULTRA-MEGA 

All the Best of Things to Come In 2021


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