April 6th brings For Stories

It's only 31 Days away from our release party at Mayslacks April 6th we will have For Stories, Trifecta, The Sequel and the self titled debut, along with other assorted goodies not to mention The GooDBarS, friends and family. 

If you can't make the show we hope you'll grab the preorder on iTunes.  Just to the right of this page and every page on this site is an opportunity to support what we love to do.  Make music. 

For Stories could have been called Four Stories as there are indeed 4 songs featured on the EP 1) Until Someone Remembers My Name 2) When Love Goes to War 3) Faster Than They Fall In 4) Before You're Gone.  It's also why we play in the bars, the barns, sheds, street dances, weddings and festivals.  For Stories and memories we've made with family and friends this is dedicated to you guys and those of you who choose to support us. 

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