I've been head down, nose to the grindstone, pretty much all month.  I didn't even blog about my birthday. WAH?? Normally I get all dramatic and recap highlights and lowlights. We have just a day over a week until we rush right through my favorite month of the year and Mother nature decided it's winter in MN so let's do this.

#moremusicin2020 is now officially how I will look back at my productivity which all started with #moremusicin2019.  As a friend or listener you can expect this to incrementally change each year until I cease to exist. Stay tuned for #moremusicin2021 or if you're a subscriber you've seen whats coming up next. What I have realized is that I tend to throw myself into the creative process in times like these for as far back as I can remember. 

It's like therapy.  Maybe it was because I was an only kid or because we moved around so much when I was young but music always spoke to me. Sometimes it was the only language that could.  You can feel the music and working through it has a healing property I can't explain.  If you get it you know what I'm saying. 

I bring this up because on Sunday ULTRA-MEGA previews Self Destruct on YouTube 

Spotify users can still presave you can always download it directly from us and as your friends we encourage this as we don't want you without music during the zombie apocalypse and or it will be out on all platforms Thursday October 29th. PreOrder for ULTRA-MEGA's Survive 2020 is over but you can still grab a copy of the CD while supplies last and or Download the EP Directly from us become a Friend of ULTRA-MEGA

COUNTRY MUSIC FANS if you're a Spotify user you can PreSave our last country song of the year​​​​​​​ or of course download directly from us by clicking the pic

Or here's what we've released so far.  Thank you all so much.  Every subscribe, follow, like and comment means a lot to us.

Be Safe Out There and Be Good to Each Other


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