Long Long Ago In A Land Not So Far Away......

JuggernautMN those who remember the band may not even know they started out as Love Kit but after the Exit of drummer Marc Retish to Nova Mob Grant Hart of Husker Du's post band. Love Kit acquired Dan Haney and shortly after the band changed it's name to Juggernaut.  The band would get the opportunity to record at Paisley Park via a battle of the bands contest held at the Mirage.  The Black Pagoda album they recorded at Paisley Park also saw the band nominated for Best New Metal Album by the MN Music Awards in 1994.Can you guess which one I am?? It's actually harder than I thought my own mudder guessed wrong. lol

I've tried a few times to get us back together and I'll probably keep trying until something happens even if it never does. Danny middle left with his arms folded played some bass for me in the Dirty Country Band.  We had some great luck in Juggernaut and some crushing lows as a band.  Erik Fratzke and I put together Big Cellar and let that loose in to the wild a couple of years ago.  Essentially a double album of Black Pagoda and the second Album our then label Noise Records wasn't interested in and when that shelving had reached its preservation.  If you ask Erik the 2nd album is titled 1,000 names of God which considering its Doomy contents maybe I should've went with that but since we put the 2 together I figure Big Cellar which sounds a lot like Big Seller unless you're reading it from where I'm sitting but it wasn't about that at all.  

We would grow apart and chase our musical differences and come together once a year for the longest time Like that time Fratzke called me up to do a MN tribute to the late great Ronnie James Dio and of course I said yes please https://song.space/2kr8m8 .

So we are waxing all nostalgic and Partying Like its 1994 up in here because next Sunday ULTRA-MEGA is doing a cover of Semisonic's Closing Time so we'll be partying like it's 1999.

I'll update the pic and attach the video when it's available.

So the last single from ULTRA-MEGA's Survive 2020 EP Just Can't Lose Drops November 27th and you should be able to then stream it in its entirety from your platform of choice and or If you're a Spotify User you can presave it now https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ultramega/survive-2020  and or

should you decide you need a physical copy or even a digital download we support you supporting us.  Not to mention we want all our friends to be able to play our music without a connection should the need arise during the zombie apocalypse

No matter the outcome of the elections we all have to figure out a way to work together to make some changes and I hope we're all on board for that because it's the crazy people who think that they can change things that often do.

Stay Safe Out There and Be Good to Each Other

Mark Stone

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