Happy Birthday to Creative Partner Jeremy Schreifels

Happy Birthday to Creative partner and all around kickass individual Jeremy Schreifels 

You can pick up a new tropical island vibe single from him today https://songwhip.com/jeremyschreifels/blue-island

or maybe you're in a country road trip kinda mood, you might like some of Jeremy's wicked train beats in No One Knows Your Name

Just Click on the pic above if you'd like a download directly from us. It will preview Sunday on YouTube and or if you are a Spotify user you can

PreSave it on Spotify

I know it's only Rock n Roll but you like it.  ULTRA-MEGA hears you and we have a lot options available to Right Now <<<<<<<<<CLIICK 

So lots of ways to celebrate Jeremy's Birthday today and or mine coming up it'll last longer than a card and all downloads are eligible for charting via ISRC reporting so if you guys wanna get all crazy and put us in the charts I think we both would agree that would be a pretty cool Birthday present from you guys.

Hope you are all safe warm and well

Be good to each other 

and be safe out there

Mark Stone

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