Feel Like You're Falling Behind?? Tis the season

So we've been working pretty hard here at LaGrunge Music in cooperation with Empty Page Studios to not only bring you more music but better music in 2020.

We had a good stretch of trying to make deadlines behind the scenes and 100% transparency I just finished My Kind of Lover that Rhonda FunStone sings on for this Sundays new video release 2pm CST on http://www.youtube.com/c/LaGrungeMusic

Stop by our channel take in some new music every Sunday 2pm cst lately if you're a subscriber we've been giving you the first shots at some of our new material.if you're digging it tell your friends and thank you for connecting with us.  Because I often forget to remind people that........if you sign up for The Dirty emailer via https://ultramegaband.com/ultra-mega you'll get a free download of ULTRA-MEGA's cover of When the Levee Breaks

But I'm uploading tomorrows video for LaGrungeMusic featuring LaGrungeMusic's own Rhonda FunStone on vocals and I'll try to keep up on the rest 

Running to get dinner and this Blog I stared in the morning is now an early evening event.  Watch the home page 

These just came in and will be added to Pickology

So What I'm trying to say is it's taken all damn day just for me to finish this Sundays video I got a lot to do tonight yet vocally so just in case I sleep In

Here's the link https://youtu.be/WVEsrrtAcHs

You Can get a Free Download Now by subscribing directly through the website, in fact pickology is only $5 and includes all the above pictured and 5 years as a Clayton endorsee before that but I must say these ULTRA-MEGA picks are sweet and the gripXX ink real helps hold on to the damn thing.  Beautiful and functional their work is highly recommended http://intunegp.com/

OK Last and definitely not least if you want a shirt get it some sizes are already unavailable.  We will be doing a preorder for the EP compilation Download Bundle With Shirts with subscribers getting priority style vote before it goes to public for preorder but until then this is the only authorized pressing of 

ULTRA-MEGA's 1st T-Shirt

Be Good To Each Other and Be Safe Out There I got Some work to do if I'm gonna make deadline for up coming Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band release


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