2020 is almost ½ way over June Makes Way For July and Summer Is Here

It's hard for most of us to believe that 2020 is almost ½ way over.  Summer is here but so is COVID-19 and everyone in the world has changed because of it.  At first it seemed to bring us together like the world for a brief moment would come together to face an invisible enemy that literally had a strangle hold on the entire world.  It didn't take long for that to turn around and explode.  I myself haven't been any where other than the grocery store for curb side pick up for months. But close friends of mine and pics posted make it look like a bomb went off in Minneapolis. It's really confusing and a lot of misinformation is out there.  The good news is some things are slowly coming back.  

My buddies in the Hell Country Truckers just did a show last night at Le Musique room in Albertville outside in the parking lot.  It was like a drive in rock concert cool idea and very respectfully a lot of folks stayed in their cars but none the less enjoyed the music.  Sponsored by our friends at BOB FM.  Speaking of BOB FM July 19 a little more than a month from now I'll be Back on the Homegrown show but you should tune in every Sunday at 5pm with your new host Brandon Backstrom here's a link to listen live https://v7player.wostreaming.net/2956 

Because of the high risk of my household family members we will be watching over the next months and will hopefully be returning to live venues soon but until then we've been jamming in the studio with friends and tomorrow at 2pm CST our reimagination of the Doors Roadhouse Blues will Premier on YouTube

I even have a bit of a teaser to tide you over till then if you like

Top one for tomorrow teaser below it that was mostly for me because they both have the same thumb nail but if your easily confused like me it could help you too. We've been putting out a new video every week since April and it's been getting a little bigger each time which is always cool we'd love it if you subscribed and joined us and or pencil us in for any upcoming Sunday at 2pm CST here's what the schedule looks like past this Sunday

Premiere of "Wanna Be" by the Spice Girls Sun, Jun 21 https://youtu.be/mgq2_kaefBM

Premiere of "Fixer Upper" by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band Sun, Jun 28 https://youtu.be/ujw6w_jnMvo

Premiere of "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys Sun, July 5th https://youtu.be/lX6j_1r3lwQ


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Lastly we are bubbling over to make a very cool musical announcement that will mean even #moremusicin2020 and some of you have been asking for awhile for this so we know some of you are gonna dig it and I couldn't be more vague but there's more right now on the the Dirty Country Family Feed 

Until next time.  Please be good to each other  and be safe out there

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