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Start A Revolution On YouTube Now

So that's cool if like you need a soundtrack for your zombie pub crawl. 

Todd and I will be on 7:45am-8:20am if you're up.

Everyday With You Is Like Christmas demo along with  Your Hero demo 

Are on for just $1 or directly through our email list 

sign up via the black box, pop up or contact page we're flexible like that.

Start A Revolution

Just take a look on here and you'll find the Spotify PreSave for Start A Revolution.  Hands down the heaviest song I've written all year.  Written with a Zombie tv show in mind we think it couples well with the zombie apocalypse.


For my musician friends in the area I'll see you at the Midwest CMA Songwriters Conference next weekend.



Available through all of the major distributers or directly from me if you're on our Email List

Ordinary Hero is available just about everywhere but Spotify Now and will be there I imagine shortly.  Funny story it was scheduled to come out November 1st but when I submitted it I apparently put September 1st for the release date so Poof 2 new singles this Month.

Ain't My First Rodeo and It Most Definitely Will Not Be My Last

As the title suggests Ain't My First Rodeo should be available just about everywhere and if you haven't heard directly from us via email.  Yep,  another good reason to sign up to get our emailer the Dirty.   We've also been sending email subscribers video previews before public release.  So What's next you might ask?? 

Coming to Public Platforms: November 1st Ordinary Hero (available via email soon)-I wrote this song after an accident that happened this summer in combination with a hero writing assignment from my 6 Figure Song Writer Course the result is the story of 3 emergency responders and the situations they face everyday just doing what they do inspired by real true life everyday heroes.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Holding On For Happy Hour OUT NOW

Happy Labor Day,  Here's what we've been working on officially released Sept.1st I just got the website up to date.  Grab yourself a download

Out on Now and all other digital platforms Oct.1st Ain't My First Rodeo

Summer While You Still Can

We hope you get the most out of your summer we are doing again this year and we hope you'll join us




It's Finally Summer In MN

June 9th and 30th at 5-6pm CST tune into for the Homegrown show I'll be a guest with host Brian Powers click the pic to stream the station live for the show or whenever it's my favorite radio station.  All the good ole classic stuff, the new stuff and all of my very talented regional #midwestcma friends are supported here too. Give it a shot.


I'll be doing a few acoustic songs that have never even been played acoustic along with the radio debut of Coming Home a Truckers Love Story and more as well as some of the finest Country and Midwestern Rock n Roll that you probably haven't heard and if you have probably would like to hear some more.  (Click the pic above to stream live) I believe you can also download the show.  Pretty cool

#moremusic2019 is off to a fantastic start

Just had to get the word out about Friday's new release "There's No Place Like Home"

You can presave it on Spotify right Now 

Or everything we do will go through our DirtyCountryFamilyFeed First on Patreon

Just in Case you missed it we've also released 2/14/19

and 1/1/19 we kicked off the new year with new music 

We aren't stopping there. 

Revisited will be available almost everywhere but the physical copies will only be sold through Patreon as well as the Song of the Month "Ready Set Go" coming May 1st Song of the Month Release "Better in the Rearview Mirror"

So now would be a great time to join the family just a dollar a month and you have access to all of the new music we create almost as soon as it happens.  For all tiers $3 and above you'll get a CD Copy signed, numbered and either hand delivered at a show or we'll mail it to you if you'd prefer.  There are currently over 30 downloads available for just $1 so there's really no good reason why not to.

Tomorrow The Sun Is Gonna Shine is Out Today

Yeah it sounds confusing but it's ok

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