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Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band


It's Finally Summer In MN


June 9th and 30th at 5-6pm CST tune into for the Homegrown show I'll be a guest with host Brian Powers click the pic to stream the station live for the show or whenever it's my favorite radio station.  All the good ole classic stuff, the new stuff and all of my very talented regional #midwestcma friends are supported here too. Give it a shot.


I'll be doing a few acoustic songs that have never even been played acoustic along with the radio debut of Coming Home a Truckers Love Story and more as well as some of the finest Country and Midwestern Rock n Roll that you probably haven't heard and if you have probably would like to hear some more.  (Click the pic above to stream live) I believe you can also download the show.  Pretty cool


#moremusic2019 is off to a fantastic start


Just had to get the word out about Friday's new release "There's No Place Like Home"

You can presave it on Spotify right Now 

Or everything we do will go through our DirtyCountryFamilyFeed First on Patreon

Just in Case you missed it we've also released 2/14/19

and 1/1/19 we kicked off the new year with new music 

We aren't stopping there. 

Revisited will be available almost everywhere but the physical copies will only be sold through Patreon as well as the Song of the Month "Ready Set Go" coming May 1st Song of the Month Release "Better in the Rearview Mirror"

So now would be a great time to join the family just a dollar a month and you have access to all of the new music we create almost as soon as it happens.  For all tiers $3 and above you'll get a CD Copy signed, numbered and either hand delivered at a show or we'll mail it to you if you'd prefer.  There are currently over 30 downloads available for just $1 so there's really no good reason why not to.


Tomorrow The Sun Is Gonna Shine is Out Today


Yeah it sounds confusing but it's ok



That was a blast last night and you can catch the whole thing right here

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



Merry Christmas.  we really wanted to give you all something special this year and we thought 8,434 of you liked Enjoy the Ride on Spotify so if you're already on our email list you've already got the download and if not we've added it on the top right of our website.  So if you wanna spread the good cheer to a good friend just let em know.  Merry Christmas Thank You For all the Support.  Remember if you subscribe to patreon (orange button on the right) before 12/31/18 you will be thanked in the liner notes of Revisited


Update 9-24-18



So We've been Busy Busy Busy lately and no we aren't complaining. If you missed Riverbend Fest this year it was definitely one of the highlights of our summer take a peek

And Todd and I said goodbye to summer last weekend with our last outdoor show at Down South in New Germany.

We've got our eyes set on our future and our past as we start preproduction on the next release "Revisited"

 If you want to see new songs, demos, live videos and a whole lot more join us on Patreon


It's official Todd and I proudly use In Tune Guitar Picks #InTuneGP or


Mark & Todd


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Vinnie Paul Reunited with Dime


I woke up today to hear of yet another one of my rock n roll heroes has left this life too soon.  Vinnie Paul is dead at the age of 54.  Vinnie joins his brother Dime in the after life.   Our heart goes out to all his surviving family and friends.  The brothers were legendary hosts for countless memories and good times.  I have a guitar named after Dime named Diamonds with a Jagermeister label laminated on the back of it from one of the bottles I shared with the brothers back in what some would say was there musical peak.  I say go out and makes some memories with some friends.  Live the life that will live on in all of the souls you touched while you walked in it.  Rest in Peace Vinnie Paul you won't be forgotten. 

Thank you for all the amazing music. 

Pantera, Rebel Meets Rebel, Damage Plan, Hell Yeah