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Mark Stone

Mark Stone-Bio - Guitar/Lead Vocals

Mark grew up in the Twin City's Musikc Scene. He ran off at 17 to join a band with a Fake Id. Eventually coming back to finish school and graduate. 

In the 90's Mark Stone was in the band "juggernaut" which was mildly successful and signed with Noise Records. After almost 10yrs without a band or a writing partner,  there was no one to argue with. The directions was solely his own. Mark Stone could make music that he felt in his soul. 

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band was born. Mark eventually wanted the project to be a band, but he figured if he made the music he could attract the players that identified with the vision they heard. 

Mark Stone=Mad Scientist and the DIRTY=Grunge influence os the past COUNTRY=influence of the present BAND=Goal of like minded musicians with Todd Michael Jameson (Jamo) on the Bass/Vocals, and Nick Poshek (Danger) on Drums.